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The IMELO system is a software that provides services such as route planning and optimization, consultancy, order management, deliveries and hardware component for containers.

Imelo Consult: This service is to help customers in identifying the right waste logistics with regard to definition of waste collection systems, selection of bin types, Consultancy services for reliable basic analysis for the waste industry and a good estimation of the year.

Imelo Services: The service module offers the functionality of assembly and distribution management. It provides proven project based planning on each delivery that ensures success with highest data accuracy. It has the functionality to assemble and distribute bins based on address list provided by the client.
In addition, it has the capability of inter district designation i.e. inner city districts with limited vehicle access. Planning utilizes polygonal routing tools that automatically calculates the bins in the selected area.

• Reliable information tool for status reports
• Efficient complaint management
• Professional support and service offers
• Efficient compliant management
• Live tracking

Online Container tracking: The bins come with chips that can be tracked with an activation sensor with a battery lifetime of approximately 2years.

• Daily performance report (vehicle, route, fleet)
• Analysis of distance oriented loading performance
• Modern map supported collection district set up and district monitoring
• Customized reporting for sustainable and long-term oriented process organization and process transparency
• Reduction of inefficient driving operations for the complete fleet (waste collection trucks, sweepers etc.)